Art project helps young person return to school

The Central West Youth Justice Service Centre have worked with a young person subject to a conditional bail program, to help him engage with structured recreation activities and move back into full-time mainstream schooling.

Alongside the PCYC Emerald, the team developed a project that would give the young person an immediate sense of purpose and pride, where he could clearly see his incredible achievements.

The young person and his youth worker painting the bright mural in the PCYC Emerald basketball courts.

“The program was around building confidence and social skills for the young person, with a focus on a soft entry back into engaging with people and community agencies,” Service Centre Manager Natalie said.

The young person worked to design and paint a mural for the PCYC Emerald basketball court facilities, completing the project during the school holidays.

“This young person is supported by a one-on-one youth worker as he needed a little more support and mentoring, which he has responded to really well.”

Now, Natalie says, they have been able to arrange for him to engage at the PCYC gym with his youth worker a few times a week.

“We have a really strong working relationship with PCYC Emerald, who are very supportive of reintegrative activities for youth justice, and encouraging physical activity for young people.

“Their gym program includes helping around the venue, as a way to give back to the community in return for access to the gym facilities.”

The project so far has had a really positive impact on this young person’s life, who was able to move back into full-time mainstream schooling this year.

The completed, brightly coloured mural that reads “It all starts here”.