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The State of Queensland (Department of Child Safety, Youth and Women) supports and encourages the dissemination, reuse and exchange of its public sector information made available on this website in accordance with the following terms.

There are 3 ways in which copyright protected material on this website is licensed for use. In every case you must include an acknowledgement in your document attributing the Department and any other copyright owners as the source of the information, as outlined below under the Attribution heading.

  1. Where indicated by the icon , information is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International (CC BY 4.0) licence. To view the licence terms, click the icon or visit In essence under this licence you may reproduce "as is", modify, and create derivative works (i.e. use the material or part of the material to create your own documents) for your commercial or non-commercial purposes
  2. Where information contains an icon indicating a licence other than a CC BY licence , then use of the information is subject to that other licence and those terms can be found by clicking on the icon. This may include information made available by third parties
  3. Where information does not have a Creative Commons icon, you may only use the information by reproducing it without making any modifications and for your non-commercial purposes only. You must keep intact any and all copyright notices as indicated by the symbol ©.


Where the State of Queensland (Department of Child Safety, Youth and Women) owns copyright in the information you must keep intact all copyright notices and attribute your use of the information in the following way:

  1. for information used "as is" without modification

    © State of Queensland (Department of Child Safety, Youth and Women)

  2. where you are allowed by the licence terms to modify the work including for the purposes of creating a further work

    Based on: © State of Queensland (Department of Child Safety, Youth and Women).

Fair Dealings

You may not need a Copyright Licence to use the material on this website if you are using it for the purposes of private study, research, criticism, or review as set out in the Fair Dealings provisions of the Copyright Act 1968.


For all enquiries, including for use of information not the subject of a licence and for permission to use information in a way that is beyond the scope of these terms of use contact: