Our reform journey

The Queensland Government is committed to reforming the youth justice system to strengthen the prevention, early intervention and rehabilitation responses to youth crime in Queensland and make communities safer.

Since 2015, much work has been done to change the way we respond to youth crime. We have a strong foundation to build on through evidence-based policy and practice, action learning, and a commitment to reviewing and evaluating our reforms.

The first stage of significant reforms to the youth justice system commenced in 2015 and included:

In December 2018, the Working Together Changing the Story: Youth Justice Strategy 2019-2023 (PDF, 1.2 MB) Working Together Changing the Story: Youth Justice Strategy 2019-2023 (DOCX, 94 KB) (the Youth Justice Strategy) was released to build on the earlier reforms and set the framework for the Queensland Government’s policy and strategic direction.

The Youth Justice Strategy is guided by the recommendations by Bob Atkinson, AO, APM in his Report on Youth Justice (PDF, 826 KB), and focuses on 4 priority areas:

  1. Intervene early
  2. Keep children out of court
  3. Keep children out of custody
  4. Reduce re-offending.

In April 2019, the second stage of reforms (PDF, 481 KB) second stage of reforms (DOCX, 457 KB)were announced including:

A new Department of Youth Justice was announced in May 2019.

We are committed to building on these reforms by doing more of what works to reduce youth offending and re-offending, and make communities safer.