Framework for Practice

The department is putting reforms in place as part of the Youth Justice Strategy Action Plan 2019-2021. Many of these will focus on new ways of working, or building on the way we work with our partners.

We are developing a Framework For Practice to support these changes. The framework will describe what we do, why we do it and why we do it the way we do it.

It will help us to increase the quality and consistency of our practice. It will guide how we work with:

  • young people
  • families
  • people inside our organisation
  • communities
  • stakeholders and partners.

We will base the framework on:

  • evidence from our experience working with young people
  • knowledge from Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples
  • knowledge from research
  • information from the community and our partners.

This is an opportunity for young people and families to be involved in shaping the services that affect them, and ensure they are culturally appropriate and evidence-based.

We aim to strengthen our ability to:

  • support and supervise young people and work with their families and communities through our range of services
  • work with community partners and stakeholders to help build relationships that support young people and families while they are in the youth justice system and beyond
  • reconnect and reconfirm cultural place and identity in decisions that affect Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people
  • better support Youth Justice staff, with recruitment processes, training and supervision.

This will help us to achieve more positive outcomes for young people by addressing offending and re-offending behaviours.

Youth Justice staff and a range of stakeholders across the state will have the opportunity to help us develop the framework. They will help us to identify:

  • guiding values and principles
  • existing knowledge
  • core skills to inform our work.

They will also help to overlay a cultural lens in all that we do. This means that they will step back and think about the cultural implications for everyone involved.

The project team will meet with staff, young people, families and partners until December 2019. We anticipate that the consultation part of the project will be finished in early 2020.

We will provide updates of the project on this page.

To learn more about the Framework For Practice contact