Supervised community accommodation

Supervised Community Accommodation (SCA) provides short-term accommodation for young people in the youth justice system who do not have a place to live, by offering a safe alternative to custody that includes additional support.


The department commissioned independent evaluations of the SCA program and the reports can be found here:

Ernst and Young analysed the cost effectiveness of the program.

Key findings

  • SCAs provide safe, secure and stable accommodation with significant wrap-around services for vulnerable young people.
  • It is too early in the lifespan of the SCA program to meaningfully evaluate the real benefits of the program.
  • Changes to the program are recommended to ensure value for money and to enable proper evaluation of the program in the future.
  • Recommendations include revising the eligibility criteria and developing a best practice model.


The department will implement the recommended changes in the reports and will re-evaluate the SCAs at the end of 2020.

Last reviewed
9 December 2019
Last modified
2 February 2020

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