COVID-19 updates

Keeping the community safe, and the health and wellbeing of our staff, young people in the youth justice system and their families are our top priorities during this public health emergency.

We are working closely with communities, stakeholders and service providers on the best ways to provide essential services as safely as possible.

Stay informed

It is important that you stay informed about what is happening and follow the advice provided by health authorities.

You will find the latest information:

  • government COVID-19 information – for the latest state and national COVID-19 updates and changes
  • Queensland Health – for health information about COVID-19, including:
    • how it spreads,
    • how to practice social distancing
    • self-isolation
    • what you should do if you feel unwell.

We have set up a temporary hotline to support legal representatives to navigate the measures put in place to manage Brisbane Youth Detention Centre while it is in quarantine.

Legal representatives can call 1800 56 88 99:

  • between 8am and 8pm Monday to Friday
  • between 7am and 6pm on Saturday and Sunday.

Existing information sources will not be affected by the temporary hotline and will continue with their usual operations. This includes:

  • Child Safety After Hours Service Centre
  • Youth Legal Aid Hotline.