Documents accessed

When the department makes a decision on an access application to give access to a document that does not contain personal information of the applicant, and the applicant has accessed the document within the access period (40 business days), the department is required to include in the disclosure log:

  • a copy of the document
  • the name of the applicant
  • if access to the document was sought for the benefit or use by an entity other than the applicant, the name of the other entity.

If the applicant does not access the document within the access period then the details of the document and information about the way in which the document may be accessed will be included in the disclosure log.

Under section 78B of the RTI Act, an agency must delete from any document or information included in a disclosure log, any information (including an individual's name):

  • the publication of which is prevented by law
  • that would be defamatory
  • that would unreasonably invade a person's privacy
  • that is confidential communication by a person other than the agency
  • that is protected under contract
  • that would cause substantial harm to an entity.

Please note:

The table below lists information about documents that have recently been accessed.  

For information about access to materials that have been released by the department, including documents released in response to applications listed on the applications received page, please contact the Right to Information Branch.

File numberTerms summaryApplicantOther entityDecision dateAccess dateDocuments
DL310The last five briefing notes about supervised community accommodation services.Peter CoulsonOffice of the Leader of the Opposition14 March 201911 June 2019
DLYJ001Reports detailing wages and overtime paid for the period 1 July 2018 to 21 May 2019, in relation to youth detention workers at Brisbane Youth Detention Centre and Cleveland Youth Detention Centre.Damien AtkinsonYouth Advocacy Centre3 July 20193 July 2019
DLYJ002Reports of incidents and correspondence related to Supervised Community Accommodation facilities for the period 1 January 2018 to 27 May 2019.Allyson HornABC News12 September 201912 September 2019
DLYJ004Dataset list of numbers of young people held in youth detention centres during March 2019. Correspondence between union and department relating to youth detention centres during March 2019. Any ‘Order Registered by Consent’ relating to youth detention centres, the Union and the department made between 1 January 2019 to 6 June 2019. Allyson Horn ABC News23 August 201923 August 2019