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About us

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    The goal of youth justice is to provide a fair and balanced response to young people in contact with the youth justice system. This response holds young people accountable for their actions, encourages their reintegration into the community and promotes community safety.

  • Our Minister

    Learn about our Minister.

  • Our publications

    Read our corporate publications.

  • Legislation

    We are responsible for administering legislation that directly influences delivery of our services.

  • Research

    We support research that strengthens evidence-based decision-making and contributes to effective policy and practice.

  • Our partners

    Find out who we partner with to deliver our services.

  • Funding and investment

    Learn about Youth Justice's funding and investment in young people.

  • Right to information

    Find out about our approach to providing the community with greater access to information.

  • Careers

    Learn about the benefits of a career in Youth Justice, the opportunities in rural and remote areas and how to apply.

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